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"Thousands of wild horses are being rounded up by BLM…At least 158, including aborted foals, are dead from a recent Nevada roundup."

You can stop this outrage.

Dear Fellow Horse Lover,

Since 2005, there's been a change in government policy which has resulted in less protection for thousands of wild horses in the West.  Their continued removal from our public lands has decimated herds including Cloud's herd in Montana and at least twelve herds in Nevada.

A recent Nevada BLM roundup of the infamous Calico herd has resulted in the deaths of 158 mustangs.

In response to the Calico roundup, we are organizing a nationwide petition campaign to target Nevada's two U.S. Senators. Our thought is that the BLM often defers to home state congressional opposition, especially if a senator has a leadership position, like Majority Leader Reid.

The fate of Nevada's herds is extremely important. Nevada is home to about half of the remaining mustangs living free. Estimates vary from as few as 15,000 up to 30,000 wild horses left in ten Western states.

Won't you please help?

--By signing our “Stop Nevada BLM Roundups” petition, and

--By contributing to our Emergency Campaign to Save the Wild Horses.

Your gift will be used to wage a nationwide effort to save America's Mustangs and save Mustangs who could otherwise be slaughtered.

Your petition will be delivered directly to Senators Harry Reid (Majority Leader) and John Ensign, who we must convince to change policies.

Time is Running Out for
America's Mustangs!

Reports show that 85% of all wild horse herds are below genetic viability.

BLM policies are managing wild horse populations to extinction says award-winning filmmaker and FRER Board Member Ginger Kathrens.

That's why I'm hoping you'll act today...before it is too late!

Your petition asks both Nevada Senators to use their influence to stop the proposed BLM plan to “zero out” more wild horse herds in their home state.

It's Up to You and Me!

In the past year alone, Front Range rescued over 400 horses including many titled Mustangs that were headed to slaughter plants in Mexico or Canada. 

But so many more need all of our help.

You and I must work together to stop these roundups. 

If you agree that these roundups must be stopped, then please join Front Range Equine Rescue's “Save the Wild Horses” national campaign.

Please sign your petition, and make a contribution right now. 

Help Front Range Equine Rescue stop BLM roundups today. Your gift – no matter how large or small – will be put to good use saving horses.



Hilary Wood

Hilary T. Wood, President/Founder                              


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